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Integrated Programme in Management(IPM) Courses

IPM courses nagpur

What is Integrated Programme in Management(IPM)?

Introduced in 2011 by IIM-Indore, the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) is a 5 year programme comprising of 15 terms with each year having 3 terms of 3 months each.For the first three years, the student acquires knowledge of diverse subjects like social sciences, mathematics and economics and then eventually goes on to pursue the IIM-Indore’s flagship PGP programme in the final two years of the programme. IPMis a programme that redefines a student’s conventional journey from 10+2 to a top B-school like the IIM-Indore.

Apart from the intensive classroom learning, the students experience a good share of industry interaction during the social internship that they are required to pursue at the end of the third year and a business internship between the fourth and the fifth year.

Why IPM?

Over the years, for the students, IPM has become a credible option apart from Engineering, Law and Medical. Now, a student aspiring to pursue a career in management need not diverge from his path by going for engineering or law. IPM stands out in terms of the environment that it provides and the time that it gives a student to think and plan his/her life and align the reality with the aspirations. Some good reasons why IPM is a great choice for students are given below.

  1. IIM After 10+2 : The IPM program is a gateway to one of the top IIMs, IIM Indore. As IPM is still in its early stages of mustering the interest of young aspirant; it provides the chance of making it to the IIM when the competition is extremely less. While almost 1.8 lakh students appeared for CAT in 2015, only about 18,000 appeared for the IPM test in the same year. Comparing it with the B.Tech graduates who pursue an MBA after engineering and spend 6 years in doing so, IPM saves the students’ one year as it gets completed within a matter of 5 years.
  2. Holistic Education : A big reason for IPM’s uniqueness is its well charted curriculum. IPM imparts the necessary knowledge and skills, not just in the field of management but in various other subjects. The students’ intellect is nourished by the world class IIM faculty.
  3. The IIM Brand Value : The unmatched IIM degree adds tremendous value to a candidate’s credentials. A 10+2 student can aspire to get benefit from this brand value without having to do a separate under-graduate course in any other field of study.
  4. Better Placements : In direct comparison with engineering and law, the IPM is quite ahead of both of them in terms of the placements. While a fresher graduating from an engineering college bags an average salary package of anything between 3 - 7 lakhs, an IPM graduate gets empowered with a salary package of something between 15 - 20 lakhs. Not just in terms of money, MBA students start their careers with a good stead. While an engineer starts his career in the lowest strata of executives, an MBA from and IIM joins an organization at the mid-management or senior management levels.

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